Labor Productivity – A Comparative Analysis From a World Traveler

As a worldwide speaker who has traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents, I have definitely witnessed a difference in work ethic. I am a minister and love everybody, so am by no means racist. Here is my take on worker productivity throughout the globe.

1. Germans have a great work ethic. I’ve met Germans both in Europe and who live in Latin America. They all have been very dedicated to their work. Hence some of the best precision automobiles in the world are German made. Germans make great leaders and diligent workers.

2. Latinos are outstanding people and have some of the best families in the world. Their work is secondary to family, which it should be. Yet many Latinos work two to three jobs to provide for their families. I found Mexicans in America to be very hard working, but a bit more relaxed within Mexico when it comes to work. Because Latinos are so gifted with people, I’d put them in my sales force to warm and woo people to my cause.

3. Africans can tend to require and expect more of their employer in terms of caring for their families and providing medical care and other things when they arise. This perhaps comes from the deep cultural connection to tribal chiefs who also somewhat fathered the people and provided protection to the villagers within the tribe. Africans are some of the most loyal people you could ever have around you for whatever purpose.

4. Asians are extremely intelligent and hardworking people. China, India, Japan, and Taiwan are particularly industrious nations that are very driven to produce in the marketplace. It is not uncommon to see people work 6 days a week in these countries and devote 10 to 12 hours a day to their work. Children are no less diligent when it comes to education. I have witnessed youth waiting at the bus stop before sunrise to go to school and returning home at 10pm after studying for college entrance exams. Asians are studious, courteous, and harmonious – outstanding engineers and innovators.

5. The United States of America sadly has dropped immensely in work ethic, quality of labor, and level of customer service. Hence many companies such as credit cards and other major service industries are subcontracting work out by phone to India, the Philippines, and Bangladesh where workers are courteous, patient, and helpful. Not to mention they work for far less money and in return give the employer far less headaches.

Americans inbred independence makes us a country full of phenomenal entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creative geniuses. Our entertainment industry is second to none. Our movies and music have captivated the world. Now if only we could temper our self-willed stubborn individualistic tendencies so we could develop among us trustworthy leaders to properly utilize our global influence.

Paul Davis is a highly sought after professional speaker, life purpose coach, worldwide minister, and change master.

Paul is the author of several books including United States of Arrogance, Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat; Are You Ready for True Love; Stop Lusting & Start Living; Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; Poems that Propel the Planet; and God vs. Religion.

Paul’s compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams, breaking limitations & reviving nations.

Paul inspires, revives, awakens, impregnates with purpose, imparts the fire of desire, catapults people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitates destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.